Prospective students may apply for the BIBU program through direct choice in the JUPAS/Non-JUPAS admission scheme, or transfer from the regular Science/Business School programs after their first year of study. Admission is based on academic results and interview performance.

JUPAS-HKDSE Applicants

Applicants with HKDSE Examination results may apply for direct entry into the BIBU program by choosing JS5811. Students who are keen on BIBU are encouraged to include also JS5100 and/or JS5300 in their program choices.

Minimum Requirement

Core Subjects Level Required
English Language 4
Chinese Language 3
Mathematics (Compulsory Module) 3
Liberal Studies 2
Elective Subjects
Elective 1: Biology or Chemistry 3
Elective 2: One of: M1 / M2 / Any Category A subjects 3

JUPAS Score Calculation – Best 6 Subjects with Weighting

Core Subjects Weighting
English Language x 2
Mathematics (Compulsory Module) x 2
Biology or Chemistry x 1.5
Next best 3 subjects x 1

Applicants with International Qualifications

In addition to fulfilling the University’s general admission requirements, applicants with international qualifications (e.g. IBDP, GCEAL, SAT) must have at least one senior level subject from: Mathematics / Biology / Chemistry


Transfer from Science/Business School Programs

SSCI/SBM students (admitted in 2016-17 or later) who have fulfilled the following requirements may choose to major in BIBU during the major selection exercise after completing their Year 1 study.

Completion of*:

  1.  CHEM1004 [or attainment of Level 3 or above in HKDSE 1/2x or 1x Chemistry]; and
  2.  LIFS1901 [or attainment of Level 3 or above in HKDSE 1x Biology]; and
  3.  LIFS1902

*Students who have not completed but are enrolled to the required course(s) during the period of major selection exercise are also eligible to make an application.